Type of Carrots

There are different types of carrots available in the market which have their unique health benefits. You will see that there are different colour of carrots in different countries. Every culture also has a different cooking style. These different colour of carrots are also quite different when it comes to their taste. Eating carrots could … Read more


Carrots Health Benefits

Today, in this article, we are going to talk about the health benefits of carrots. Well, the carrot is a very healthy vegetable. But you don’t find it in every season, it is only available in a particular season, although you still get it in some stores. So, you should try to take its full … Read more

TAMARIND: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide! Health Benefits

tamarind health benefits

There are many health benefits of tamarind fruit because it’s a medicinal fruit that has a therapeutic effect. In fact, the whole tamarind plant is very effective in treating many health problems. Of course, one becomes a happier person when he or she has great health as it does not come in your way of … Read more

Is tamarind good for health? | History, Use and Disease Control Properties

Tamarind good for Health

Today, we are going to talk about Tamarind fruit, which is used in any eatables to enhance the taste of food. It is sour in taste and people use it in different forms like raw, dried, powdered and sometimes as a paste. In fact, it is one of the main ingredients of sauces and curries … Read more

Easy Method to Bake a Milk Cake at Home

Bake a Milk Cake

There are many things which can easily be made with the help of items which are very quickly available in our households. Like that, we are going to talk about a recipe of simple cake which is made with hot milk and known as Hot Milk Cake. Milk cakes are in fashion for over centuries … Read more

Happy Birthday Cake Surprise for Loved Ones

Birthday Cake

Today, we are going to talk about the birthday cake which is made many times in our family as we have many family members. The number of times we need to bring cake home can even increase if we live in a joint family. Birthday is such a special occasion in one’s life and if … Read more

Layered Chocolate Cake from Scratch

Layered Chocolate Cake

Well, who doesn’t like chocolate cake? Definitely, there will hardly be anyone who will say no for it. If one is still skeptical about eating cakes because they feel that every cake has egg in it, then they can always have home-made cakes. Home-made cakes can have some more added ingredients or reduces number of … Read more

Quit Smoking for Health Reasons – You can bring the change

Quit Smoking

These days looks like smoking has become a trend. Even the teenagers are badly into it. For them, it is like a fashion and if they don’t smoke, it lowers their status in their friend circle. People are cheating themselves for no reason. They have started loving a life wherein showing off is a great … Read more

How to make homemade orange juice in a blender or juicer

homemade orange juice in a blender

Juices are very healthy. They are a very good way of keeping our body hydrated because definitely, it is not possible to drink a lot of water as water does not contain any taste. Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C which balances the pH level of our skin very well. Vitamin C is very … Read more

Cheesecake Recipe Home Cooking Adventure

Cheesecake Recipe

Kids like cakes very much. So, today we will share Tricolour Cheesecake recipe for you. Well, you can use any three colours for this cake. Cheese cakes are eaten in Greek culture a lot. Although this cake goes with all the age groups, but kids have more craving to eating confectionary items. You can try … Read more