Easy Method to Bake a Milk Cake at Home

Bake a Milk Cake

There are many things which can easily be made with the help of items which are very quickly available in our households. Like that, we are going to talk about a recipe of simple cake which is made with hot milk and known as Hot Milk Cake. Milk cakes are in fashion for over centuries … Read more

Happy Birthday Cake Surprise for Loved Ones

Birthday Cake

Today, we are going to talk about the birthday cake which is made many times in our family as we have many family members. The number of times we need to bring cake home can even increase if we live in a joint family. Birthday is such a special occasion in one’s life and if … Read more

Different Types of Cakes for Special Occasions | History of Cakes

Types of Cakes

Cakes are a type of sweet that people do prefer having it on many occasions. It could be a birthday, it could be a marriage or marriage anniversary or it could be any other occasion. That all depends on the person prefers having it. Also, people do prefer having cake even without a reason or … Read more

Layered Chocolate Cake from Scratch

Layered Chocolate Cake

Well, who doesn’t like chocolate cake? Definitely, there will hardly be anyone who will say no for it. If one is still skeptical about eating cakes because they feel that every cake has egg in it, then they can always have home-made cakes. Home-made cakes can have some more added ingredients or reduces number of … Read more