Vaginal Cancer: Types, Symptoms & Treatment

Vaginal Cancer

What is Vaginal Cancer Vaginal Cancer is rare cancer found in the vagina, It is a very important part of the female reproductive system it is a muscular tube with an elasticity that connects the cervix to the external body and provide lubrication and sensation, it performs the main role in sexual intercourse of male … Read more

What is Biliary Cancer, How can it Treat?

Biliary Cancer

Biliary Cancer and also known as Bile Duct cancer one of the dangerous but curable types of cancer,  around 20 to 24 percent of cases can survive diagnosis, and more than 10000 people diagnosed with biliary cancer every year in the United States. What is Cancer? Cancer can be defined as a group of disease,   … Read more

Penis Cancer: How Dangerous is It, How can it Treat?

Penis Cancer

Penis Cancer: How Dangerous is It, What is it, How can it Treat? In this blog we get some knowledge about penis cancer also known as penile cancer but before that we talk about cancer that what is it how much it can be dangerous for you? Cancer a name of fear in the disease … Read more

Dog Skin Cancer a Fatal for your lovely Pet

Dog Skin Cancer

A dog is an Animal Known for its integrity and most people love it like an animal and pet in the US and the whole overworld, animals need food, protection, love, and care which they got from nature and as human beings, we also give to them Dog Skin Cancer a Fatal for your lovely … Read more

Blood Cancer – Bad News for Your Health

Blood Cancer

How can Blood Cancer Prove Fatal for You? Blood Cancer, fluid of your body can harm you in a form of cancer. Here we going to discuss Blood Cancer so first, we should know that what is Blood why it exists? Blood Blood– Blood found in almost all living organisms except some, blood exists in … Read more

Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer

Usually, we all know cancer is a  disease not easy to survive with it but many people in this world survive and win in this.  So we should not be afraid of this disease and only handle it with will and care. Cancer is the deadliest disease which slowly keeps the body from digging in … Read more

Tonsil Cancer

Tonsil Cancer

Matter of concern -Tonsil Cancer If we are negligence with our body any disease can harm us because small things become large lastly If we are take easily and normally like cancer is a dangerous disease if it is not recognize and treat in time, it can prove fatal to our body like any other … Read more

Gallbladder Cancer

Gallbladder Cancer

Deadly Disease – Gallbladder Cancer When we hear about the word cancer a question and always arise in mind that what is it and how it can develop it in our body here you can ask Any health expert and gain some knowledge from this article, so Nowadays, people learn to live newly thorough new … Read more

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Cancer that can prove dangerous for Man’s life – Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer – Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers found in males other than skin cancer, prostate is a gland found in male, in between the penis and bladder, its size or shape like a walnut.   Prostate cancer is a fatal … Read more

Ear Cancer hazardous disease or not so

Ear Cancer hazardous disease

Ear cancer is a type of cancer disease in the Ear part of the human body. There is Cancer and here is also a solution so don’t be scared after listening to these type of words because everything has a solution this also applies to cancer disease it is recognized in time, time is everything … Read more