Choosing The Right Medical Center

For some people choosing the right medical center is a matter of life and death. For others it is a matter of quality of life. For a few it really does not matter all that much. If you fall into the first or second category and if you are choosing from hospitals in the Chicago area you may be considering Riverside Medical Center. You may find that Riverside Medical Center offers excellent choices when it comes to medical services that can save your life and provide a higher quality of life after medical procedures. They have a philosophy of providing good customer service by providing the latest technology, great physicians, excellent support staff, exceptional facilities, out of box thinking when it comes to holistic care and a place to retire and enjoy your life after working so long.

With regards to technology they offer the use of a daVinci robot in their cancer treatments and cardiac treatments. The daVinci robot is controlled by a surgeon which allows a more precise incision and a smaller incision to do the same operation as before the robot existed. The benefits of this include less blood loss, less scarring, less damage to surrounding tissue and nerves, less invasion to the human body, quicker recovery, less pain and more accuracy. These are important to the patient in terms of the surgery itself and also in terms of the quality of life after the surgery. If you need a robotic prostatectomy for instance, then you are probably concerned with nerve and muscle damage in the area surrounding the prostate. With the use of the daVinci robot, the surgeon is less likely to damage them due to the precision available with the robot.

Also, the technique is used in cardiac surgery. Those who need robotic heart surgery will find the Rush-Riverside Heart Center is the best in Illinois for surgery. The benefits of the robotic assisted surgery are the same in cardiac operations as in cancer treatment surgery. Less intrusion, less blood loss, less scarring, quicker healing time, and less likely damage to tissue around the heart are all results of having the daVinci robot on your side. The surgeon is able to be more precise and thus the patient benefits. The cardiac rehab program is also exceptional so after having the precise operation the rehab program allows the patient to recuperate and possibly have a better quality of life. You’ll find the Heart Center is a wise choice for those who need to have help getting their heart health back on track.

For those who are looking for a place to retire, the retirement program at Riverside is next to none. They are very progressive and make the environment one where life is celebrated and lived to the fullest. A person can not only thrive but can live and grow by continuing to live a life of learning and fulfillment. You’ll find a quality of life that will allow a person to be independent or have the luxury of assisted living when necessary. Riverside Medical Center is a place for helping you back to health and for living a quality of life that allows you to maintain that quality.

by Alice Lane

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