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Disadvantages of Drinking Excess Coffee Every Day

Over the years, people have started giving more preference to coffee in place of other types of beverages and it is the most regular type of drink that we have in our day-to-day life. It has also been observed that some people start drinking it in excess and that’s when the problem begins because drinking coffee has many disadvantages too. Well, it’s not the fault of people basically. First of all, it tastes good and the next is that you feel more energetic after drinking tea. But consumption of coffee has some disadvantage too on which we are going to shed some light today.

Coffee causes insomnia

Drinking coffee is of course is the reason of increasing problem of insomnia sufferers. It is basically because we follow very hectic life and it is due the competition in the world. But whatever the case is, we cannot take it on our health. We have to always try to strike the right balance in life. There are many healthy things which you can consume and you will still feel equally energetic as you do just after drinking coffee.

If you start you day with a handful of nuts, you definitely retain energy throughout the day, but then you need to also focus on the right timing of the meal of whole day. Also, increase the intake of fruit in diet as you have to try to take best of everything when it comes to your health. You should not compromise on your health at any cost.

Everyone knows that you don’t feel sleepy for many hours after drinking one cup of strong coffee, but if you consume more than two cups of coffee in a day, it is not going to be good for your health. It has caffeine present in it in very high amount. According to the nutritionists, caffeine more than 400 milligrams is very harmful for our overall health. In case of some people, they are sensitive to the intake of caffeine, so for them it is a complete no to consuming more than one cup of coffee every day.

Above all, not only limiting the consumption of coffee intake is helpful, but you even need to figure out what type of coffee suits you in real because we have many varieties of coffee available in the market. So, first decide which coffee goes with your body type and then start drinking it. Don’t just drink it because you feel it maintains your class because beverages are not to maintain your class. You have to see your health first. Don’t just follow others blindly, do what’s best for you.

Coffee has toxins

We talked in the above paragraphs that coffee may have many varieties, so be very careful while selecting your best fit. Some coffee has many impurities which carries toxin to your body on drinking it. It can cause headache, if it is not of good quality. Sometimes you also fall sick because of drinking too much of bad quality coffee. It is also not good for the skin of some people as over consumption of coffee makes the skin dry, so people who already have dry skin tone, they should restrict its consumption to the minimum.

Now, I believe you understand how much important it is too go with the reliable brand of coffee providers.


Coffee is not good for kids

coffee is harmful
Coffee is extremely harmful for young children

These days kids don’t listen to anyone. There are many harmful effects of coffee consumption in kids but other than this the most common problem of coffee consumption among kids is that they suffer from bedwetting which is not good among the kids after an age.

Thus, it is actually for parents to restrict their coffee intake, please educate them about it.

In case of high cholesterol coffee consumption can be very harmful

Coffee is very rich in elements which cause the cholesterol level to spike. But rather than taking regular coffee, the filtered coffee can be good for them. Avoid drinking Espresso, French press, Trukish and Scandinavian coffee. So, people with cholesterol have to be very careful while drinking coffee.

Coffee can be life threatening too

There are people who go crazy about the taste of coffee and they just love drinking coffee all the time. Even they can easily replace the meals when they want to drink coffee. We are already aware of the fact that the intake of such ingredient like coffee, the hunger level reduces to the minimum. That’s why it is also suggested not to drink coffee any time close to a meal.

In case you consume coffee 80-100 cups in a very short time. It can definitely be life threatening, so you should do it in a way that you don’t become addicted to drinking coffee. It is not only about coffee, if you would drink 23 liters if water which is equal to above mention amount of coffee, you will risk your life.

Coffee is very harmful for pregnant ladies

harmful effects of coffee
Pregnant woman should not drink coffee

Pregnant females have to be very careful about their diet because anything can be problematic for the health of the child in their womb. Even there studies that show that coffee consumption among pregnant females can damage the development process of the fetus. It is because the caffeine is not at all good for babies because babies are more sensitive to the caffeine.

Over a cup of coffee while being pregnant is a complete no, that too in a situation when you cannot be without it. Otherwise the best thing is to quit it completely.


Nowadays people have become very trendy with time and this is the reason that whatever they find fashionable they start doing. But this mentality is doing worse than good. Every individual is different. There are people who can eat something and stay healthy, but when you eat the same thing, you cannot digest it. So, there is a need to understand that we have to eat things in accordance to our body type. On top of this, if something has more disadvantages than advantages, then it should not be consumed as simple as that.



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