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Ascendant Crystal: Aquamarine

When your Ascendant is in Aquarius you are way ahead of the rest of the population, you can easily see what the world will need in the future and tend to be a trendsetter. You tend to rub conventional people the wrong way as they just can not see your foresight.

You tend to be aloof and can also be very friendly with magnetic charm which interests people, you like change especially when it is your idea and can initiate change just to have change for the sake of change. Stubborn comes easy for you and many times you will state that it is just determination rather than stubbornness.

You can easily be spotted as your will appear to be different in your dress and/or your behavior, as you just don’t fit into the main stream of society. This is where Aquamarine comes in, as it assists you in being comfortable in the world the way it is. You can also tend to be insecure and Aquamarine brings confidence into your being and gives you a knowing that what you know today the world will want/need tomorrow.

The energy of Aquamarine is very calming, however, not the kind of calming that put you to sleep, it just allows you to relax and to be where you are fully aware of your attributes and have the ability to articulate your wisdom and feelings.

This crystal also helps dispel anger and put angry feelings and thoughts into proper perspective and it is good used as a clearing stone for old patterns and energies that just like they won’t go away. It basically allows you to express your truth with calm certainty.

The chakras it works best with is the Throat Chakra and the Heart Chakra, it is good to carry when you have any throat issues, strep throat, sore throat or a speaking engagement which you need assistance with. It can help with infections of any kind and soothes the nervous system.

Thought for the Day: “Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” -Emily Dickinson

Darlene Siddons


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