Do you like Child Marriage? or Freedom of Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful word wherein two individuals get along and decide to stay with each other. For them, things seem to be new and exciting. They embark on the journey together. Not only they two but their families also start a new life with them. They feel excited and enjoy it all. The marriage rituals are very exciting to them. The two individuals start thinking of all the new things that are going to happen and change them in near future.

All in all, the decision is taken by the two individuals in today’s era whether it is a love marriage or Arrange marriage.’ Yes’ or ‘No’ of the two matters today who are about to embark on this journey of marriage together. So the decision is pretty correct most of the time because the individuals have decided on their own. Also, it fails sometimes, the marriage does not. Well, that happens to be in fewer cases. Not all the time’s things happen to get worse. Things work when the one who has to embark is adult enough to judge and get judged by society on the parameters of ethics.

This was all about a marriage where both the individuals are grown-ups. There are still certain places present in India where people believe in the ritual of child marriage. What they think or not is completely vague or of no use because thinking like that could burn society easily.

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Child Marriage

Yes, there are people still present who do believe in this sad ritual. Yes, India is full of exciting colors, rituals, societal norms, many religions and has also overcome many of the negative points too, but still, some beliefs have already harmed and are continuously harming the society, the youth of India.

People in India do give priority to the rituals in the name of God. Where God actually is not present even. Well, that is accepted until and unless it is not harming the young minds or any individual. Their beliefs are respected but only till the time they are not going to harm society in any way.

Child marriage is an abuse to the two young minds who are not capable of bringing any good to the marriage. All this is because the society of such people think that when their children will grow old enough and find a soul mate for themselves on their own, they could harm society. After all, we completely do not know how that girl or that boy will be. So our children should get them tied to somebody whom we already know or whose family is well known to us.

This was the first theory that I have heard about as a reason behind child marriage. Now, what the second theory speaks of, they say, that it’s better to make a girl married and get tied before she attains maturity. Also, we should not focus on a girl’s education. She is allowed to study only till the time we do not make her married. All this is because they believe making a girl educated could harm the family as she can keep her own voice and fight against her rights.

So, it is better not to get her educated. Otherwise, we will have to deal with a girl who could be fighting for her rights. And that can be shameful for us as men. We will not be able to do unfair to the girl if she will be educated.

All these theories are baseless. Getting a girl less educated or not even educated is what they think is good for their upcoming generations just because she should not fight against her rights. Why is this thinking even needed? or making them married when they are young so that they cannot marry someone after attaining maturity who could be a stranger to us. How come all this thinking is still prevailing in such a great country?

As we all know good things co-exist with bad things. Similarly, good thinking co-exists with bad thinking. We can completely give this thinking a try as to how harmful it could be to the lives of those young minds. Here, if we talk about those who are adult enough to select somebody of their own will or whom they like or love or have chosen for themselves on their own also are not the ones for sure who knows that whether they will be able to make it till the last or not. So how come we can expect it from the two children who are not young enough to understand the meaning of marriage.

Marriage is a big commitment where the two are responsible for one another’s happiness, sadness, and all the other things. It is not subjective that we are allowed to choose before marriage. We hereby choose it on our own, by our own consent. We happily take the step towards such a decision of committing to the other person on our part.

In child marriage, we are not sure whether the one we are already married to even before attaining maturity is the one we like or not or is the one with whom we want to spend our whole life or not. This never speaks of the certainty that if we are married to someone in childhood, then we will be liking him or her or can consider him or her as our life partner after getting matured.

This could even harm the two’s future. Marriage is just not the tie-up between the two individuals rather, it is the growing or formation of new relations between two respective families.  Both the families are also expected to understand the need for the two to be extremely cooperative.

We should understand that if the commitment is not real or is not quoted with full intention by the two would-be’s, then it could definitely ruin the future of the two and the families. Also, the coming generations could be affected. As their upbringing is not supposed to be done in the way it is required.

Yes, child marriage could harm many at the same go.  A single wrong decision could affect generations. Like, if we will get two children tied up to each other in the marriage in which after attaining maturity, they start disliking each other or they cannot take each other as their respective life partners. So definitely what is going to happen in the future? They will fight and try to co-exist and what if they will not be able to manage with each other, either they will try more or they will fight more. Now, this completely is going to harm the coming generation and the families that are already tied up with the two who are in the process of surviving in the marriage.

What if the one among the two in the marriage decides to have somebody else as their partner. They decide to move on with somebody else and leave their partner? What about that partner?

That’s why people here on the earth call marriage mates better halves to each other. Where one understands the other and wants to live with the other by accepting all the rituals and responsibilities with their own consent.

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The concept of marriage needs a change

It’s high time now we should head towards the change. We should bring that change to our thinking we should think about the children and their future.

Children have immature minds, they do not know what is right for them or what is wrong for them. They do not know what is the meaning of marriage. What responsibilities they are supposed to take ahead. Their mind is not that mature or ready to take such responsibilities.

Children need their time to assess and differentiate between what is right or what is wrong for them. They should be given their right to decide to whom to marry and to whom not. This is required. Giving proper time to the children to let them grow their mind with their own speed and naturally.

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The government of India has already made it specific as mandatory rules for the citizens to follow. For the sake of children only, the government has legally said that the minimum age that is required for a girl to get married is 18. On the other hand, the required minimum age for a boy is at least 21.

The government has made it legally mandatory that a certain age is required for both the girl and the boy to get married. People should understand the reason behind the need for the minimum age requirement that the government has made mandatory. They should understand that if the government has made any such requirement, then there should be some actual reason behind it.

One should at least respect the government’s decision. That just for one’s own sake in their view, we cannot keep the future of the two little minds at bay. These children are the future of the country. Getting them bound with such big responsibilities is going to affect many things in the same go. It is not good for the individuals, for the families, or for the country as a whole.

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