Facts about coffee beans and how to store them

Who doesn’t like coffee? I don’t think that there is any single human being who have never tasted coffee in his or her whole life as an adult. It is the most loved type of beverage. It is available in a huge variety and there are also different beliefs about them. Every culture has a different style of preparing coffee. So, here we are going to talk about some facts about coffee beans which will leave you in surprise.

Now we will talk about the things which can be added to give the coffee a unique flavor. These all ingredients are usually available in everyone’s kitchen. These are:

Add spices to coffee:

Some spices are very healthy for your overall body because they possess antioxidant and antibacterial properties which kill any bacteria in our body.

When you add some spices in your coffee, it gives you an artisan flavor altogether. You sometimes get confused what can be added to coffee and what not. So, whenever you are in such dilemma, you can simply think off chocolates. Think what is generally added in the chocolate. We can give you some examples like cinnamon or nutmeg. Apart from these, you can even add vanilla abstract. This is all done in order to work on the flavor of coffee.

How to decorate latte:

In order to add some more excitement to your daily coffee what you can do is you can learn how to decorate it. Adding milk to coffee is nothing less than an art. So, you need to be very careful while pouring milk onto coffee. If you pour milk nicely, it can give your coffee a swirl design. There are more designs to add to the coffee which you can learn too slowly.

Clean the coffee filter:

You need to make sure to clean the coffee filter very carefully every time you use coffee maker because coffee filters generally have fibres and plastic over them if you take them out directly from their packaging. Why we ask you to clean the filters completely, so that anything over filters does not add to your coffee.

Arabica vs Robusta:

You need to be aware of the amount of caffeine which you may consume from any type of coffee. So, we are comparing two products here. Generally Robusta has two times more caffeine when it is compared with standard Arabica. So, don’t be of the belief that every type of coffee has the same amount of caffeine because it more or less depends on how the coffee was prepared.

How to store coffee:

  • We would like to warn you to keep the coffee in an airtight container because it goes bad if it is exposed to air. This can even give a bad taste to your coffee.
  • Storing coffee in the freezer is also helpful, but it should not go beyond 90 days because afterwards it has to suffer in quality. This is usually done to make the coffee last longer than usual.
  • Sometimes people like to buy coffee in bulk in order to save money but then they have to be a bit careful because coffee overexposed to air goes bad very quickly. So, it needs to be stored in a way that some of it can be kept outside on room temperature, some can be in fridge and a large amount of it in the freezer. Whatever amount of coffee you keep outside should be for immediate use and for one week can go in fridge.
  • Also, remember not to store whole your coffee in one large container because every time you use coffee, there is some moisture in it. So, it is a good idea if you store it in small storage bags.
  • Freezing coffee constantly is also not a very good idea because it kills the quality of coffee. So, it should be done in a way that every time you take out coffee, you have good quality beans.

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