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How To Overcome Career Obstacles And Take The Elevator of Success With Vedic Astrology

How do you survive in the corporate world with cut throat competition in today’s economic uncertainties? There are more qualified people as it is today than jobs to fill them. If you are among the lucky ones to have a job, how do you stay in it and compete for promotion? While upgrading your skills or taking up an MBA may be the way to go, why not take a short cut and leap frog to success using a different route.

It is so ingrained in people’s minds that hard work in their 70-hour workweek will get them to the top of their career. While hard work is the pre-requisite to success, it is akin to climbing up the stairs when there are elevators that can do the job quicker and with less effort. I am referring to vedic astrology. At the time of our birth, it was already decided what kind of life we would be having, what difficulties and obstacles we would be facing, and what joy we would be expecting based upon the positions of the planets. Each one of us was born under a birthstar, upon which our destiny was determined.

Wouldn’t it be advantageous if someone could tell you what your future looks like? It is like having a treasure map with all the indications of where the gold and booby traps are. To unravel this amazing blueprint, you would need to seek the services of a vedic astrologer. A good vedic astrologer will give an accurate prediction of your life based on your birth chart.

The report can be spine chilling, as he reads your past events or character traits that are so personal only you would know them. These are like affirmations that vedic technology is real, as the past truths are unfolded before you. How could someone know that so accurately? Such wonderment may be that the vedic astrologer is able to reveal how many times you were heartbroken, or how many houses you have lived in.

The future predictions are what you would be facing which includes obstacles, problems and successes and in which period of your life they will unfold. For example, the vedic astrologer may reveal to you that between the ages of 30 to 35, you will be facing a career threatening situation that leads to your dismissal. Or he may reveal that a certain person will be the source of your problem at work that affects your progression.

A good vedic astrologer also offers remedies to alleviate your problems and obstacles, which is what you need to do next. Remedies will appease the planets and their overlords, and lead to them blocking, postponing or entirely removing your bad luck, problems and obstacles, Remedies are often offerings and rituals that are simple to do, but if you don’t have the time and means to do them, can be outsourced to a proxy.

Many successful and wealthy people rely on vedic astrology to chart their success. Some corporations even hire vedic astrologers in their payroll to offer advice and remedies. Sometimes it just blows the mind away how some people can be so successful that it just seems impossible to understand. But very few of them would reveal that they used vedic astrology.

Shiva Shakti


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