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Importance of Architecture in Nation Building

Architecture has become very important aspect of our life. Now, a great understanding is required to come up with the great work in the field of architecture. Although we have lived with this for long, but it needs to be modernized from time to time seeing the need of the time. Good architecture is which can easily withhold the natural forces and still looks fantastic. Thus, we have picked up the topic of importance of architecture today.

This article is specially made for the architects who always need to be innovative yet practical when it is about coming up with a new idea because unique ideas are worth giving time. Of course there are elements that make an architecture good or bad and one needs to keep all that in mind before implementing any new plan.

There is no doubt that today we are living in the era, when erotic designs are not everything but we have to even think more about the practicality of the building. Before reaching the construction stage, it is always logical to think over the productivity that the new kind of design give to the mankind because everyone believes in making profits. If a building is not even productive enough, how would somebody prefer investing in it? And today space is another very well-known issue. Let’s further talk about some factors that are associated to architecture.

Financial Outlay

Cost should be kept in mind while selecting a design of the building

Everyone likes to plan out the construction in a way that it does not have much financial challenges because extravagance while investing in a project that cannot sustain for long or satisfy the needs is not helpful. Therefore, the best architecture design is undoubtedly the one that costs the minimum and produces the best results. Moreover, generation of business in another key point in the decision of architecture. So, it is a very crucial thing and it cannot be done in a haste.

Of course, it also varies from building to building. On building on the one hand, needs the focus of aesthetic design, while the other constructed for business needs customers’ flow. At the same time, there are other factors like location, the goals of business, kind of traffic, and profits. On top of this, the safety of everyone in and around the building is going to be the main concern.


These day building are not merely concrete towers, but much more than this. Well, it is not only the real utilization of the building but the kind of aura which has to be worked upon why because it has become the most important thing in everyone’s life.  Undoubtedly, it is quite difficult for us to work or live in a building which does not have good vibes. Generally, it is the vibes that attract the mob toward it and forces to be its part.

You might be surprised to know that even hospitals have transformed a lot putting the psychological facts in place. The only motive of hospitals or medical care center is to help the patients with the fastest recovery. But believe me it’s not possible if the patients are kept in a place which is not vibrant for them and does not make them feel comfortable.

So, just think about it.

Practical Designs

Practical use of building should not be lost

Practicality of the building should never be lost. We just gave the example of the building of the hospitals. They could be designed from the psychological viewpoint, but ultimately they should have the sense of practicality. In other words, they should be able to function in a way that they do not lose their real importance. Like medical center should be providing medical care to the best of the efficiency of the staff. It is not that for the sake of giving the building a good design, we will overshadowed the real purpose of it.

These days there is a dire need to transformation in the buildings of the school why because we have left the traditional style of teaching very far. Now, we have to gear learning and impart the 21st century skills in our new generation. Do you think that it would be possible without keeping them in the right space? Of course not, we need to do something about it. That’s what we mean by practical designs.

Progress in Architecture

Every industry sees the evolution and the same has already happened in case of architecture. Earlier where we also lived in huts and woods. Now, we have completely shifted to concrete setups. Not only this, now we have even sorted out the problem of space with the introduction of high-rise buildings. This all has been done so efficiently that we have even preserved our environment and we are becoming more and more aware about it after considering our ancestors’ mistakes of the past.

Mistakes can be corrected if the efforts are made in the right direction. So, if it’s related to architecture, it should also be fixed. But we cannot stop even after stumbling. This ultimately helps the communities to progress. We come up with new ideas and life of humankind gets new direction and this new direction makes the whole world excited about what they are doing.

When we have a variety of architecture present in this world, then only we can decide which one is more reliable and durable. So, I think progress in this field should be continuous.


Above paragraphs put some light on the importance of architecture and the factors that should be considered beforehand. It is something which cannot be corrected in the final stage, so good amount of research is required for the same. Examples for observation are innumerable because we have some building which hold over 100 years old architecture and some are available with the latest one. So, compare them for the betterment of the communities and make the life much easier. I personally feel how tough the job of architects is, but this can be useful if the efforts are made for the humanity.

Hope the text has been useful.


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