Kullu Tourist Places Surprising Facts and Information

Today, we are going to talk about Kullu. It comes in the Himachal region. It is at an altitude of 1200m and associated with the Himalayas. It is close to River Beas. This place is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This is a valley surrounded by beautiful hills. It is basically unique for its religious beliefs and cultural values. There are many adventure sports which people attempt. Nature lovers are crazy about its scenic beauty. It is also known as the Valley of Gods.

So, this was its natural side, but there are many ancient temples also. Some of them are famous because they are on hilltops. There are also some temples which only locals know about.

One very distinct feature of Kullu is that in its every village people have their own deity that they worship. It is because every community has some different rituals that they follow. This place has solid gold idols of their Gods in many temples. These idols are usually kept in the highest building of the place.

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If you are a religious person, then you can get a lot of peace there. Moreover, you will find a lot of knowledgeable things and people there through which you can enrich your own knowledge.

Some temples include Bijli Mahadev, Trijungi Narayan Temple, Bajaura Temple and Adi Brahma Temple. When people visit Kullu, they also visit Manali. That’s why it is sometimes called Kullu Manali. Otherwise, these are two different places. But as they are very close to each other. So, tourists visit both of them together. Both the places are completely spectacular.

People have different beliefs there related to temples also. Many of them even say that Bijli Mahadev Temple is a very miraculous temple because the shiva lingam which is nestled here every year is shattered through the lightning in the sky. People also say that lightning is attracted by the lingam in order to destroy evil.

We hope that we have given you information on Kullu in brief which attracts you to visit this place. We wish you a very happy journey in advance. You will definitely have a great experience out there. There is a lot more to experience. It is going to be worth paying a visit.

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