Mating Behaviour of Indian Wall Lizard Hemidactylus Flaviviridis (Ruppell)


The Indian wall lizard Hemidactylus flaviviridis (Rupell) is a not unusual Indian lizard having reported breeding season of March to June. The lizards, not like mammals, donot mate from again, as it isn’t conceivable for many lizards, having arduous, spiny scales on again. Slightly, the male lizard approaches the feminine from the aspect, with slight biting at the neck of the feminine, and tries to get the cloaca of feminine able as shut as conceivable. The male lizard has paired copulatory organs, known as hemipenes. They’re inside the ventral portion of the tail, lined in sheathes. A vas deferens connects each and every testicle to probably the most hemipenes. The lizard’s testicles are situated throughout the frame. Right through mating, the hemipenis nearer to feminine is erected. The hemipenes of many species of lizard is decorated with thorns or ‘hooks’ of a few type, securing a cling throughout mating. The sexual organs are hid inside the cloaca in lizards (Simms, 2006).


The Indian wall lizard Hemidactylus flaviviridis (Ruppell) used to be seen throughout mating. The statement used to be finished at Jharkhand state of India by means of the writer at 3:50pm in April 2008. The images used to be finished by means of the usage of Canon A-10 camera.


The male used to be discovered to chase the feminine for three days prior mating and in reaction, the feminine was frustrated and pushed out the male. The mating may well be divided into 3 consecutive stages; pre-coital segment, coital segment and post-coital segment.

The pre-coital segment lasted for 15-20 mins. Right through this segment, the male began shaking its frame and the feminine stopped transferring anymore. After five mins, it began transferring step by step against the feminine. In reaction, the feminine additionally began shaking its tail first, after which shaked the higher part of frame, i.e., the top, neck and higher belly area. The male, on attaining the feminine, began biting the left aspect of the tail and step by step moved upwards. When it reached the aspect of head, it began biting the mandible of feminine and many times carry its proper hindlimb to come up with feminine, close to the tail base. Then abruptly it jumped from left to proper aspect of the feminine and took a place in twisted way.

The coital segment began with insertion of hemipenis to the cloaca of feminine. This segment lasted for 10-12 mins. Each the lizards had been discovered to be immobile at this segment. Because the coital segment used to be over, abruptly, they was untwisted with a noticeable jerk.

On the publish coital segment, the lizards was untwisted, however had been nonetheless in shut touch with inserted hemipenis obviously visual to the spectator. At this degree they seemed in a form of “Y”. They remained on this posture for 7-10 seconds. After that, they were given separated totally. Then the male abruptly were given annoyed and pushed out the feminine.


1. Simms, Alex “Lizard Breeding – Dating/Mating.” Lizard Breeding – Dating/Mating. five Jan. 2006. 20 Jun 2008

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