Important Questions about Drinking Coffee as a Beverage

Today we have come up with some questions with everybody has in their mind about coffee. People drink coffee in many ways. Some like drinking it as a hot beverage, while others like it to be served cold. But everybody wants to know whether or not drinking coffee is healthy. So, we are going to share our view here.

Is drinking coffee good for health or not?

These days as people are becoming more and more conscious about their health, they would like to know every single bit about this beverage. If you see, people in modern families consume it more than the traditional ones. Well, it is really a good idea that you know the health benefits of something before you consume it.

When we talk about coffee, it is a good energy drink to have at work place. Even sometimes it is also good for mild headache which is usually caused by tiredness.

But people should not drink it too much. It can be drunk in moderation only. One should stick to maximum 3 cups a day not more than that because coffee can have high amount of caffeine. Too much caffeine is also not good for one’s body.

If coffee is consumed in the right amount, then it also reduces the mortality rate due to various infections. Therefore, drinking coffee in moderation comes in healthy diet as it improves our cardiovascular system.

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Drinking coffee also helps in decreasing the risk of diseases like Type 2 diabetes, cirrhosis and liver cancer. It could be because coffee has polyphenols which are rich in antioxidant properties. When you drink something which does not let oxidants stay in your body, you become less prone to diseases as well as you can even lose weight very easily.

But there are people who cannot have coffee. A pregnant lady cannot have it due to content of caffeine because caffeine is not thought to be good for the health of baby. The expecting mothers should completely try avoiding drinking coffee, although this concern is only associated to overconsumption of coffee.

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Does the style of preparing coffee matter?

There is a huge variety of coffee to choose from, so if one likes drinking coffee, one has to be very careful about the selection of coffee because only good quality of coffee is good for health. You cannot just keep drinking any coffee.

Usually coffee has two types Robusta or Arabica.

The selection of coffee completely depends on how much caffeine you want in your coffee. In other words, if you like strong coffee, then you have to choose coffee accordingly.

Roasting is an important step in the preparation of coffee. When you roast coffee, the chlorogenic acids are removed from it. But yes you still have antioxidants present in it and that’s what you want.

The preparation style of coffee also has direct impact on your cholesterol level. If you know that it is not a good idea of reheating the coffee or boiling it again. Moreover, if you are drinking coffee for health benefits, there is a complete no for boiled coffee as it is not good. We have the culture of drinking boiled coffee among different people like French, Scandinavian, Greek and Turkish.

The boiled coffee contains cafestol and kahweol which are the compounds known as diterpenes and they increase bad cholesterol in our body. This is not good for our health at all. So, only those people who don’t have any cholesterol issues can drink this type of coffee or this can be filtered too. Otherwise people with bad cholesterol should drink other types of coffee.

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Do all kinds of coffee have the same amount of caffeine?

Well, caffeine content in every type of coffee is far different from one another. So, you can choose the one which you prefer drinking. When we talk about the coffee with highest amount of caffeine, Espresso coffee comes on the first number. But we recommend you to consume less caffeine. Once in a while, it is fine. But overconsumption of caffeine is not good for anyone.

We are all different in one or the other way. You cannot compare your coffee consumption with your friend’s. People with dry skin should always consume very low amount of caffeine as compared to the people who have oily skin.

Let’s how this differs. Many of us have a genetic variant known as polymorphism. This basically slows our metabolism for caffeine. These people store caffeine in body for longer, so they should not drink coffee often because if you take one more cup of coffee, it will actually increase of the caffeine deposit in your body.

So, this is important to keep an eye on your intake of caffeine.

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Do people become addicted to drinking coffee?

Yes, to some extent we can say that drinking coffee regularly increases its addiction. Well, it is the same in case of any beverage that has caffeine in it. After prolonged consumption of drink with caffeine, you are controlled by it.

You may see people who are too habitual of taking caffeine, if they don’t have it how badly their health is affected. They can have from mild to very severe headaches. They can even be more depressed than usual. Some people find caffeine as the source of their energy and in lack of it people become very tired and lazy. Their concentration becomes weaker if they don’t drink coffee. Likewise there are many such issues which people face in lack of required amount of coffee, if there body gets accustomed to it. So, it is a very good source of energy for many, some people drink coffee, so that they can feel better after getting out of bed and there are several other reasons too.

If we talk about the health related complications of drinking too much of coffee, then we will find that multiple health problems that we face are due to over consumption of coffee or caffeine. When we cut down our coffee intake, it helps in gastroesophageal reflux. Heartburn is also another issue which is as a result of drinking coffee. It is generally found in females.

But you don’t have to bother too much about it as the coffee powder is manufactured in a way that if you drink one extra cup on one day, it is not going to risk your life. But in long-run, it may have some adverse effect on your health. Moreover, addiction of anything is not good. So, don’t just drink coffee for no reason. Drink it when you are very much low on energy or you have headache, otherwise try to work out with the alternatives instead.

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Should milk and sugar be added in coffee or not?

Although there is no serious issue if you add milk and sugar in your coffee. But when we talk about diabetes, it is generally caused by such drinks because there are the largest source of sugar in our diets as we drink coffee quite many times in a day. So, I think first of all there is a need to limit its consumption.

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So, these were some common questions which we discussed with you today, hope you like the information provided by us. For more updates, keep visiting our website regularly.

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