Quick and Easy Recipes Tips for Beginners

The key to the great flavor of this tomato-chile sauce is roasting the vegetables and tomatoes in an almost-dry cast-iron skillet. High heat and little oil equal the right amount of char to create a spicy, smoky sauce for easy roast chicken.

The second sauce is a quick pan-reduction of white wine and lemon juice that comes together easily while the chicken breasts are resting. It’s a simple, little pan sauce that complements the heartier mascarpone sauce.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that children who eat breakfast perform better in school. Studies have also shown seniors who eat nutritious breakfast can lower cholesterol and insulin levels. Even more important, eating breakfast can help shed unwanted pounds. With all the benefits of breakfast, why are so many people resistant to eating it?

They can also be stored at ordinary room temperature for a number of days. Once again, don’t be tempted to stick them in that freezer bag but instead put them in an ordinary paper bag and allow them to breathe. Providing that there is some air circulation, you can keep them open on the shelf just as you may see in the supermarket but again, it’s a good idea to keep them gently covered to reduce drying tendencies.

Thai-Style Marinated Flank Steak and Herb Salad: Once you’ve munched your way through the fritters, you’re going to have to move on to your salads. This Thai-style salad transcends the usual mixture of vegetables and olive oil, and gives the dish that meaty punch. Grilled beef marinated in fish sauce, with sprinklings of garlic, Thai chili powder, mint, coriander, and bean sprouts, and topped with shallots – this salad will sate your authentic Asian food cravings.

Nasi Uduk: It isn’t traditional Indonesian without that wholesome and delicious coconut milk. Nasi Uduk is a perennial favourite in Indonesia, for locals and tourists alike. A plateful of cooked rice placed on a puree of tomatoes and spice, surrounded by sumptuous fried chicken, boiled eggs and tempeh with anchovies and emping (nut crackers), this is a popular lunchtime dish.

Gulai: North Sumatra is known for its flavourful curries and Gulai is a rich, smooth curry which deserves the culinary limelight. Made of succulent pork, poultry, mutton and various kinds of offal, and sometimes fish and seafood, this sauce is a local delicacy. The secret of its flavour lies in its spices namely turmeric, coriander, and black peppers, with a tangy dash of tamarind.

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