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What is the relation between chocolate and happiness

It is a long held view that chocolate has some connection with happiness. But where has this belief come from? Well, it is because of the chemicals which are found in chocolates. These chemicals do emit neurotransmitters which directly impact our brains causing happy feelings.

Researcher even found that flavanols which are available in the dark chocolate act like the stimulators of endothelium, which is known as the arteries lining. This produces nitric oxide, which gives messages to the arteries to relax. This whole process reduces the blood pressure and that’s why the person can calm down easily. So, there is real association of chocolates and happiness. But make sure that you don’t eat them in excess as they have sugar contents.

Chocolates are a good substitute of superfoods:

Chocolates can be very good substitute of many superfoods. Unprocessed beans fall in the same category as the humble broccoli florets. Children generally hate them. So, if they have chocolates, it is going to be an option for them of consuming ingredients which are found in broccoli florets.

Cacao beans are filled with antioxidants:

Undoubtedly, cacao beans have antioxidants which are not even available in green tea that we like consuming from the perspective of numerous health benefits.

Chocolates are good for heart health, blood pressure and cardiovascular problems:

chocolates are good for heart health
Chocolates are good for our overall health if consumed in right amount.

If you consume chocolates in the right amount, it not only slows the aging process but also helps you with the problem of free radicals that even cause cancer.

There are even many studies that proved that antioxidants which come from cacao beans also help in overcoming the health related issues like heart stroke, blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.

Dark chocolate vs Milk chocolate:

We recommend you to consume dark chocolate over milk chocolate because milk chocolate has relatively very less amount of cacao beans as compared to dark chocolate.

Dark chocolates are good source of minerals:

When we talk about the quantity of minerals in chocolates. So, it turns out to be full with minerals as just 100 gm of dark chocolate provides you range of minerals if it contains 70-85 per cent of cocoa. There is selenium which is found in chocolates and it is a mood enhancer. Chocolates are rich in magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, potassium and phosphorus.

Above all, dark chocolates have very less sugar as compared to a milk chocolate.


According to me, there is nothing better than dark chocolate if you are not in a good mood in order to have a feeling of pleasure for no reason. So, consume a small bite of dark chocolate whenever depressed.


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