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The Specialis Cycle – Saturn And Jupiter – The Nice Chronoctors

Up to now the longest orbits throughout the sun machine had been the ones of Jupiter, 12 years, and Saturn, virtually 30 years. The issues at which Jupiter stuck up with and handed Saturn marked the best super-cycle with which the early astrologers/astromoners had been ready to care for. And this phenomenon happens each 20 years. The 800 12 months cycle the place each go back in the similar signal is the Grand Climactic conjunction, which marked excellent epochs within the historical past of mankind. This conjunction made its reappearance in Sagittarius across the graduation of the Christian generation, and once more within the 8th and 16th centuries, bringing sessions of serious world-upheaval. Because of this Jupiter and Saturn are referred to as the Nice Chronocrators.

The Jupiter – Saturn cycle is the longest cycle that does not contain the transcendental planets, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. All the cycle takes roughly 800 years, and is known as climacteria. The existing twenty 12 months cycle (20 12 months cycles are referred to as specialis cycles) started within the 12 months 2000 (Might 28) when each had been conjunct within the 23rd level of Taurus. What do those conjuncts imply?

The 12 months 2000 began a 20 12 months length which is able to lend a hand outline the transition from subject material capital and nationwide barriers to highbrow capital and cultural barriers. The primary decade after the conjunction is a length the place Jupiter dominates, the second one decade is the place Saturn dominates. Due to this fact, this decade (2000) is extra Jupiterian, extra open, modern, funny, and so forth. While the last decade 2010 will have a tendency to be occasions of consolidation, trying out, conservatism, and seriousness. After all, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto regulate this, which may make a decade extra open then it could in most cases be, or extra conservative. In 2020 it’ll be on the very get started of Aquarius.

On a private stage, anyplace the 23rd level of Taurus is located to your natal chart will symbolize a colourful calories supply for the following twenty years. You will have to see the home placement as a very powerful in your expansion alongside non secular, religious, philosophical, instructional, monetary and social pathways.

And if this Taurus level conjuncted any one in every of your natal planets , asteroids or angles of your chart in Might 28 2000, then that energy-force might be galvanized and accentuated to an bizarre level.

Thomas O Donovan


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