What are the differences in types of coffee?

In this article, we are going to talk about the types of coffee which are available all across the world. People on this planet have different cultures, so is their preparation style of coffee different. Even the bean is roasted and ground very different in other nationalities. We have found some popular types of coffee for you and we are going to throw some light on each one of them.

It is very much obvious that we all prefer coffee. On daily basis, we all consume at least a cup of coffee and there are people who even drink more coffee. That’s why I think it is one of the most popular types of beverages.

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The inclination toward coffee is not only a status symbol but it is more than. It gives you mental and physical energy to face the challenges in everyday life. In fact, it has many health benefits too if consumed in the right proportion.

Variety in Coffee

When going to a café, you find that these people have a huge list of types of coffee. Well, this is because of the reason that it has numerous tastes and flavors. People like it the way they want. Some like to have strong coffee, while others drink filtered one. There are even many more types of them.

When we segregate the coffee type, we keep the quality of beans, where they come from, what temperature they were grown in, whether they were grown in shadow or direct sunlight in mind. After considering the fact we can rightly categorize them.

So, the coffee market is huge. It is not developed in one way. There is different machinery that is used in its production. After the production, once this brand is imported to all over the world, you can get some taste of that type of coffee everywhere.

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Cappuccino Coffee:

I believe this is very easily available type of coffee. Every café and restaurant has this coffee on their menu list. This is an espresso beverage. For its preparation, we use milk, chocolate or cinnamon which are optional. It was first introduced in 17th century. Since then people from all countries are drinking it. It is prepared in three layers.

Cappuccino Coffee
Cappuccino Coffee

The first one is espresso that directly comes out of the machine, the second one is the addition of steamed milk in while the espresso is still hot and the last one is to add fermented milk, which is up to the drinker. Adding sugar varies from person to person as per the taste.

Espresso Coffee:

Espresso is another form of coffee, which was invented in the 19th century. It comes from Italy. It is loaded with extra caffeine, so we don’t suggest too much consumption of this type of coffee as too much caffeine intake is not good for our body. But once in blue moon, its consumption can be good for the body and mind.

Espresso Coffee
Espresso Coffee

This can only be prepared in an espresso machine. Otherwise, it tastes different. So, it is quite difficult to make it on your own with the same taste you are looking for. Also, you need to be careful while buying the espresso machine because only the right machine can be prepared for the best espresso coffee.

You need fresh beans for this type of coffee. Grind them and then add the ground form of beans into the espresso. You need to put the water and ground beans in the machine and you start heating them both together. After the temperature reaches 88 degrees Celsius. This gives you a thick syrup of this beverage.

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Americano Coffee:

Americano coffee has a very usual brewing process. It still differs in taste from many other types of coffee. Generally, it is prepared with only two shots of espresso by adding two cups of water. Please don’t drink this type of coffee too much because it has a high amount of caffeine.

Americano Coffee
Americano Coffee

Irish Coffee:

Irish coffee is very different because we don’t add milk to it. Instead, we add Irish whiskey in it. This is also the reason that it is also served as a cocktail. To prepare this type of coffee, you need to boil water and add ground beans like the usual process. Then add Irish whiskey at the end which can be followed by sugar.

Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee

After taking it off the heat, add thick cream just to enhance its flavor. You know it very well that coffee creams play a huge role in making professional coffee at home.

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Long Black Coffee:

I don’t understand why it is called long black coffee. Well, it has the same kind of preparation style as all the other normal coffee. People of New Zealand and Australia drink this coffee a lot.

Long Black Coffee
Long Black Coffee

In order to prepare it, you need to boil water and then add two shots of espresso to it. It is prepared after stirring for a few seconds, add little sugar as per your taste and it’s ready to drink. This is quite bitter in taste. It is a very strong coffee. It can easily lift up one’s mood. So, you can try this.

Turkish Coffee:

This is of course not a very popular type of coffee, but we want to talk about it as it is preferred by people in Middle East, Turkey and some parts of Europe. The best part of this type of coffee is that it is prepared very easily. There is no special equipment needed for this like Espresso.

Turkish Coffee
Turkish Coffee

For preparing this coffee, you take a copper pot, you add water as per the number of people. For one person, just add one cup of water and a few teaspoons of ground beans. It exactly depends on your taste. If you need a stronger taste, then add more. If not, then add only one teaspoon of it. When it is on heat, make sure you take it off once the foam is visible over it, add some sugar in the pot only, and then drink.

So, these were some of the types of coffee available which are popular in many cultures all across the world.


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