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Uttara Kalamrita by Kalidasa – A Rare Manuscript on Vedic Astrology

The Kalidasa (write of Uttara Kalamrita) is not the legendary kalidasa poet, Kalidasa (Uttara Kalamrita) was South Indian, belonging to the 17th or early 18th centuries, a devotee of the Great Mother goddess, Para Shakti, Maha Tripura Sundari.

This ancient manuscript is a rare jewel in vedic astrology. The translations for this are avaiable in Hindi and English from leading publishers. The highlights of the book are described hereunder.

1. Rare Shlokas describing the determination of time of birth and rectification techniques for time of birth

2. Positions of Mandi, Gulika how the child delivery happened, location of the child’s father

3. Rare and authentic yogas enlightning the reader on basic of prediction Exaltation, Debilitation, Retrogression, Various Vargas, and Strength Calculation Techniques

4. Longevity determinatoin thorugh various techniques, Long, Short Medium Lifespan calculations both through mathematical calculations and subjective study through placement of planets

5. Effects of Planets & Yogas for Auspicious and Inauspicious happenings Raj Yogas. Excellent basic understanding of vedic astrology principles can be grasped going through these yogas.

6. Effects of Bhava / House Lords their position and association aspects. Special Yogas

7. Vipreet Rajayogas, Special Yogas, Special techniques for finding number of children and their sex, Number of wifes.

8. A rare compendium of Significators no other book on vedic astrology has such an exhaustive list of significators. Its a must read for anyone doing serious vedic astrology study.

9. Dasa Bhukti Results of planets

10. Jaimini Principles explained in brief

11. Special yogas on Rahu and Ketu and their effects on the horoscope.

12. The book also covers basics of Horary (Prashna) Astroloy.

13. Basics of Muhurata (Electional Astrology) are also covered for finding the auspicious time for new house, marriage invitation, engaging a new servant, purchase of vehicles etc.

14. Various Vedic rituals explained in detail.

Navin Sabharwal


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